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Who do bodyguards work for?

As Close Protection Officers (CPOs) we work for people at all levels of society, including:

  • dignitaries, politicians, business people, legal and other professionals
  • celebrities, pop singers, TV & movie stars
  • private individuals and even revelling students!

Specialist duties may include residential security, making sure the client's premises are secure.

We can provide CPO chauffeurs specialising in defensive and evasive driving.

As Close Protection Officers we work around the client’s schedule, which will vary depending on the length of contract and the client’s work and leisure activities.

We work both indoors and at outdoor venues, such as rallies, political meetings, conferences and premieres. Public outings, such as shopping trips, can be arranged at short notice.


As Close Protection Officers we offer:

  • good physical fitness
  • excellent observation skills to spot potentially dangerous situations
  • confidence to react quickly using our own initiative
  • to enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds and not be fazed by fame
  • good vision and hearing
  • the ability to remain calm when under pressure and surrounded by dangerous situations
  • discretion, respecting client confidentiality
  • the ability to integrate with clients' lifestyles
  • common sense and an understanding of the risks involved